Segesta Aviation Consulting Services E.T.S. is a non-profit association which seeks to share aeronautic culture, as well as consultancy, educational, training and professional training services through its own members.

The association provides consultancy and development of growing projects and professional consultancy, with the fulfillment of socio-educational and cultural initiatives.

In order to seek social objectives, the association implements the following activities:

  • To represent and give value to consultants, self-employed and employed members as per the following article;
  • To promote professional growth of members through actions and/or educational programmes that are differentiated and systematic as well as distributing other suitable services;
  • To maintain relationships based on participation, exchange and collaboration with ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), EASA and other potential National Aviation Authorities, bodies/associations/national or international agencies or similar;
  • To implement the obligation for members to be kept informed, as well as foreseeing suitable verification tools that ensure effective fulfillment;
  • To carry out periodic verification of requirements of individual members in order to maintain the member’s own status;
  • To promote studies, research, conferences, seminars and any other relevant activities; To issue publications to share with member consultants and to distribute to members;
  • To implement, oversee and spread qualitative and behavioural standards in the profession, promoting behaviours which are coherent with Segesta’s Code of Ethics and to monitor its own compliance;
  • To share Segesta’s consultancy reports through the conduct of member consultants and to monitor the compliance of these: member consultants involved in training activities could receive a reimbursement of expenses;
  • To develop and maintain reports with other potential Italian and overseas associations/organisations and also to supply services to members of both;
  • To standardise technical and operative procedures. For the technical field, these include all business processes that refer to a POA, a DOA, a CAMO, a Part-147, an AMO and similar. For the operative field, these include all business processes that refer to a AOC, ATO, FSTD, APR, COAN and similar;
  • To standardise technical and operative forms;
  • To propose a standard manual layout with hyperlinks between procedures and with requirements of standards;
  • To plan frequent meetings between members to evaluate developments in every legal framework, setbacks experienced in the time period, accidents, business problems, impact of updates on regulations of procedures, with the objective of drafting publications for continuous training both internal and external;
  • Attract new entrepreneurs wishing to obtain a certificate to help towards creating a suitable action plan and to make proposals for staff training which will be subject to an acceptance interview;
  • To make proposals to businesses which are already certified as they are already valued as members which, subject to an annual fee, have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with developments in legal framework and have access to training slides that will be drawn up by every group leader, etc;
  • To organise workshops with bodies/organisations/associations/agencies and national and international authorities; To provide other technical/legislative/legal/computing consultancy in compliance with objectives within the current statute; To provide consultancy in the field of aeronautical events (incidents, accidents);
  • To provide consultancy to law firms and/or in court. Every other activity deliberated by the Governing Council in accordance with member objectives.