The association was founded in Imola on 11th January 2020. During its establishment its 7 board of directors were elected and named and will sit on the board for a duration of 3 years:

  • PELLICONI Iuri President
  • MONDUCCI Timoty Vice-President
  • BERNARDI Davide Secretary
  • IPPOLITI Franco Advisor
  • FALOCI Federico Advisor
  • GRANDI Simone Advisor
  • GIRARDI Marco Advisor

Members of the board approve the statute. The association has an unlimited duration period, but its dissolution can be deliberated in an extraordinary general meeting with a majority vote of ¾ (three quarters) of members, either in the first or second convocation.

SEGESTA is a non-profit association and it operates exclusively for social solidarity purposes.

The Association pursues, non-profit, civic, solidarity and social utility purposes, through the exercise, exclusively or principally, of one or more activities of general interest listed in Art. 5 of Legislative Decree 117/2017 in favor of its members, their family members or third parties.

It operates in the following sectors:
– Education, vocational education and training, as well as cultural activities of social interest for educational purposes;
– University and post-university education;

The activities carried out by the association are amply illustrated in art. 5 of the statute.

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